So you want to become a gamedev? Here are six (6) rules I learned from my 20+ years of coding:

1. Do not give up on your dreams.

2. Treat all criticism as being constructive and try to make things better because alternate views are good.

3. If someone gets personal, ignore it because the person is most probably just insecure and seeking attention.

4. Keep on learning. Sharing knowledge will be more powerfull than keeping knowledge to yourself.

5. Keep the balance between work and play. Work before play. Work hard and play hard.

6. Respect all people, males and females alike. Women can also code. Women are equals. Don't be an asshole.


I am currently creating a a simple framework called kodeboard.js, source available on github. This is mostly a hobby geared towards my kids, but your welcome to view it.

I like creating things from scratch.

It is important to note that it is a framework, not game engine, scoped to a single use case which is my soon to be simple game.